House Rules stars Luke and Cody Cook pictured on the Logies red carpet.
House Rules stars Luke and Cody Cook pictured on the Logies red carpet. Seanna Cronin

Dalby boys on a House Rules winning streak

DALBY twins Luke and Cody Cook have proven their win in week one of House Rules wasn't a fluke.

The brothers impressed South Australian homeowners Brooke and Michelle with a modern kitchen, receiving a score of nine out of 10 for their efforts.

"It's the heart of the home," Cody told APN.

"We took a big risk with our James Bond (style) doors."

The brothers rubbed shoulders with the biggest stars of the small screen at the Logie Awards last night.

"I don't feel all right without my checked shirt on," Cody joked.

"I can't believe we're standing here with the who's who of TV."

Luke added: "I haven't been suited up since my Year 12 formal. I had to buy a new pair of (dress) shoes. I didn't have any."

They were up against themselves in the ratings. The Logies drew a good audience for Nine and was the third most-watched program of the night with 1.119 million metro viewers.

House Rules was the sixth most-watched show, coming in behind Ten's MasterChef with 864,000 metro viewers.

The pressure of the competition was an eye opener for Fil and Joe, but it's Navy man Rob and his wife Rose who will spend the next week of renovations camping in a tent after finishing last.


House Rules week 2 leader board

Luke and Cody (Qld) - 23

Claire and Hagan (VIC) - 21

Nancy and Daniel (NSW) - 19

Fil and Joe (VIC) - 16

Rose and Rob (WA) - 15