Daly Cherry-Evans' younger brother faces court

A LAWYER says police are relying on photos to prove the brother of Mackay-raised NRL superstar Daly Cherry-Evans climbed four buildings in Brisbane's CBD.  

Speaking outside court after a mention, solicitor Adam Magill said police had based charges against Darcy Troy Cherry-Evans on photos from his phone.  

Mr Magill said the photos appeared to be taken from high places and on a railway line.   Mr Cherry-Evans, 20, who lives in Brisbane, has been charged with 10 offences including six counts of trespassing and four counts of unregulated high-risk activities.  

He appeared in Brisbane Magistrates Court on Wednesday morning.   Mr Magill asked the case be adjourned for two weeks so he could have time to negotiate with the prosecution.  

Court documents show Mr Cherry-Evans is accused of trespassing twice on a rail line in Brisbane and climbing four different buildings in Brisbane, including Casino Towers on George St. He is also accused of trespassing on these businesses.  

Mr Cherry-Evans has previously told the court he would plead guilty but Mr Magill said outside court this was still likely but it was unclear for what charges.  

The case was adjourned to September 14.   - ARM NEWSDESK

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