Pregnancy scare is over for Dan and Steph

FIFTEEN weeks after doctors told them to prepare for the worst, celebrity couple Dan and Steph Mulheron said their yet-to-be-born baby is doing perfectly.  

The scare came when Steph was six weeks pregnant after she went to visit the doctor for their first check-up since finding out she was pregnant.  

"The doctors did a scan and said the baby's heartbeat was very, very weak.  

"The baby's heartbeat measured only 60 beats per minute and they told us there was a 90% chance that we could lose the baby," Mr Mulheron said.  

But things changed for the better when the baby's heartbeat went up to a normal rate of 140 beats per minute.  

"We were so excited and after subsequent checks-ups, we were told the baby's health is perfect and there's nothing for us to worry about," he said.   

Mr Mulheron said Steph, who is 21 weeks pregnant is doing well and did not experiencing any morning sickness.  

"We are so busy and I don't think there is time for her to get morning sickness," he laughed.  

The couple will release their second cookbook in June next year titled Eat, Meat, Sweet with 40 meat recipes and another 40 sweet recipes.  

The duo also plan to open a coffee shop in Hervey Bay in February next year.