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Daughter of WW2 US Veteran visit where dog tag found

Left Anthony Egretz (Dog Tag Finder), Middle Linda Goldstein (Daughter of Henry Goldfine) & Right Tim Hill Tag (Researcher / Returner)
Left Anthony Egretz (Dog Tag Finder), Middle Linda Goldstein (Daughter of Henry Goldfine) & Right Tim Hill Tag (Researcher / Returner)

About five months ago 2 local relic hunters Greg and Anthony Egretz (father & Son from Qld WW2 Relic Hunters) was searching a nearly discovered WW2 US Army trash dump.

While digging it out they had discovered many relics of the time and some dog tags that belong to US Army Service Personnel that were stationed here during ww2.

With the help from Tim Hill (American WW2 Dog Tags via Australia and Back Home Again) we managed to return them especial one particular one Henry Goldfine.

Henry Goldfine was stationed at Camp Rockhampton with the 41st Division US Army and in 1944 when the Army was on the move heading back to PNG; the orders were given to replace their dog tags with new issued types without next of Kim details.

Most dogs found in camps are usually found in trash pits as they were thrown out because they had been issued a new set.

On Thursday the 26 of October 2017 Tim and Anthony had the Honour to show Linda Goldstein (daughter of Henry Goldfine) and her husband Neal Goldstein around her father camp and to the location of his dog tag.

By the end of the tour Linda had tears but was so happy to be able to add another chapter to her father story of what he did and where he was based during World War Two.

We are always looking for new permission area on former World War 2 US Army camp for relics to add more to the local wartime history (Just find me on face book and send a private message).

Quote from Tim "very appreciative family. This is why we do what we do"

Quote from Anthony "We as relic hunter do this to be able to tell their story of what happed here during WW2"

By Anthony Egretz

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