MAYORAL CANDIDATE: Hervey Bay’s Jannean Dean.
MAYORAL CANDIDATE: Hervey Bay’s Jannean Dean.

Mayoral candidate Jannean Dean promises to listen to Coast

THE Fraser Coast's female mayoral candidate has promised to listen if she is elected mayor at next year's Fraser Coast Regional Council elections.

Hervey Bay woman Jannean Dean on Saturday officially announced her candidacy for mayor via social media outlets.

The Diploma of Counselling student ran as an independent for the seat of Hervey Bay in this year's state government elections.

Would you like to see Hervey Bay's Jannean Dean become Mayor?

This poll ended on 16 December 2015.

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Yes, I think she would do a good job


Yes, I think having a female Mayor would be refreshing for the region


No, I would prefer Gerard O'Connell to continue as Mayor


I'm on the fence and not sure at this stage


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At the state elections she garnered just 3.81% of the vote, placing her in fourth ahead of the Family First and Green candidates.


"I will listen to the communities concerns and work hard," Ms Dean said.


"I will strive to make improvements across the entire Fraser Coast."

Ms Dean said she had already learnt from what people were telling her.

"Community consultation is the biggest thing that people are saying," she said.

She said as a part of her election promise she would improve on the council's community consultation and listen to what the people wanted.

Ms Dean's prime examples of the council failing to listen had included the sports precinct, cutting down trees on the Esplanade and the possible removal of the Pialba Memorial Hall.

The former executive manager acknowledged that rates were an issue but did not make a promise on a reduction.

"I would need to look at the books first," she said.

But she did offer where she thought council may be able to improve.

"Every project goes over budget," she said.

"You can't just keep overspending and overspending, something has to give."

Ms Dean said she thought she had the qualities to make a good leader.

"I will listen and speak rather than be commanding people," she said.

"I try to motivate people to bring the best out."

Current mayor Gerard O'Connell and division three councillor Chris Loft have both announced they will run.

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