FROM the moment we met Dean Wells and he started airing his controversial views on gender roles on Married At First Sight, we had a feeling this season's boys' night would be dramatic.

Just like last year, when season four villain Andrew made vile comments about his wife Cheryl, a booze-fuelled Dean - along with Justin Fischer and Troy Delmege - had plenty to say when they got together with the other boys during Tuesday night's episode.

After trying to hook up with Davina behind his wife Tracey's back (before changing his mind again), it appears there was yet another bride he had his eye on: Carly.

"I'll be honest, at the beginning, I was into Carly," he says proudly. "Judging solely on her appearance."

The night rapidly went downhill from there, with Dean asking if any of the women's mums were hot, before encouraging the other guys into revealing who they'd like to swap their wives for.

When no one named his own partner, he became jokingly frustrated, shouting: "Why doesn't anyone want to bang Tracey?!"

Of course, the scenes were always going to come back to bite the men involved (in tonight's episode, if the promos are anything to go by), but at the time, Dean seemed to lack a fundamental understanding of what it means to be on a reality TV show.

"Whatever happens at boys' night, stays at boys' night," he told viewers.

Dean has since been widely criticised on social media, while his fellow groom Patrick Miller was praised for angrily condemning the conversation.

However, after the episode aired, Dean took to Instagram to allege the scenes had been manipulated.

In a now-edited post, he claimed he was forced to make those comments by Married's executive producer, Tara McWilliams.

The original post.
The original post.

A short time later, Dean edited the caption, softening his words and taking out any mention of McWilliams and fellow groom Patrick.

Regardless, plenty of people are still furious at his behaviour, and have taken to Twitter to share their disgust.

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