Demand will continue to grow here and worldwide

I refer to the most recent letter by L. Gallagher of the Climate Sceptics Party (FCC 13-10-09) in relation to job losses in the coal industry should Australia implement an ETS.

Australia will remain reliant on coal-fired electricity for many decades to come while we switch to a carbon free-economy.

The same applies to most of the world and demand for power will continue to grow, in fact by an estimated five-fold increase on today's levels.

The coal industry is set to meet those demands, with port facilities being upgraded in Newcastle.

Carbon capture and storage have also been promoted but that appears to be decades away as well.

It is my understanding that the coal industry is reluctant to spend too much of its own cash for research.

So why would we see wholesale sackings in the coal industry?

An ETS could accelerate development of CCS, ensuring the preservation of the industry well into the future.

The climate sceptics also mentioned a large protest march on Washington DC on September 12, claiming a crowd of 500,000 and inferring that the protest was centred on climate change.

That protest was dubbed the 9/12 Project and was primarily driven by the health care reform debate.

The New York Times reported the crowd to number in the tens of thousands.

And as for 70 per cent of the Liberal backbench being sceptics, that comes as no surprise. - CRAIG ARMSTRONG, Teddington.

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