Department responds to Fraser Coast's worst OP results

WITH Hervey Bay State High School returning one of lowest results in the state in terms of students who achieved an OP between 1 and 5, the Department of Education has responded to concerns the school had under-performed.

Hervey Bay State High School had only two students out of 49 achieve an OP between 1 and 5, earning the school a ranking of 359 out of 400 Queensland schools.

A spokesman from the department said Hervey Bay high school provided senior students with a range of learning options, giving them the opportunity to be the best they could be and pursue a career in their chosen field.

"Principals and teachers support all students, in consultation with their parents and carers, to choose the pathway that is right for them, based on their own interests, abilities and ambitions," he said.

"This pathway may include further education, training or employment.

"Dedicated professionals in every school provide the critical advice that students and their families need so they can make informed decisions."

The spokesman said it was important to note that many students aspire to pursue vocational education and training, undertake an apprenticeship or gain employment rather than to go to university.

"The Overall Position is the primary pathway for Year 12 students to gain tertiary entrance, but other options are available to those wishing to pursue further study.

"Almost 70% of OP eligible students received and OP between 1 and 15 at Hervey Bay State High School in 2018, similar to the Queensland state school average of 79%.

"Almost 90% of last year's Hervey Bay State High School Year 12 completers obtained a Vocational Education and Training certificate while at school."

Two Fraser Coast schools made it into the top 50 across Queensland.

St James Lutheran College was ranked at number 14, with four out of 10 students receiving OPs between 1 and 5.

Fraser Coast Anglican College was ranked 28, with 14 of their 40 students getting an OP 5 or higher.

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