Dickson ditches LNP, backs group opposing Islam

DIVISION Six Councillor Christian Dickson has cut ties with the LNP, declaring himself an Independent, as his involvement with controversial group Sunshine Coast Safe Communities continues.

The regional planning portfolio holder said he was responding to his community's calls to become an Independent and take the party politics out of local government.

Division 6 candidate Cr. Christian Dickson Photo Contributed
Division 6 candidate Cr. Christian Dickson Photo Contributed Contributed

"I'm more interested in just getting things done," Cr Dickson said.

It came as Cr Dickson's interest in Sunshine Coast Safe Communities, which had been piqued some time ago, continued to grow.

"I've been really interested in this whole debate," he said.

"I thought well why not actually turn up at these meetings.

"The groups not racially motivated at all."

The Sunshine Coast Safe Communities website offers the following response to a question of what would happen if a mosque were to be approved on the Coast.

"The mosque-invaded community becomes more vulnerable to the demands of Islamic exceptionalism. The cohesiveness and unity of all groups begins to suffer and wilt under the steadily increasing pressures of Islamization," the website reads.

It tells those with political influence to "use it (influence) for the betterment of your nation and your grandchildren's future".

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Cr Dickson said he was not a member of the group, but was "just part of the furniture".

"These people share many of my concerns," he said.

"I'm afraid of what I see globally."

He said he didn't want to see everything he loved about Australia "whittled away" for future generations.

Cr Dickson said he did not expect major changes to his approach, aside from a little more freedom of expression of his views.

Sunshine Coast Safe Communities announced it would be supporting candidates at the March council election in Divisions Four, Seven and Eight.

Division Seven Councillor Ted Hungerford said he'd started campaigning and expressed concern about whether single-issue candidates had the "depth and breadth" to do the job.

"I expect to be challenged and i prefer it that way (as it gave him a firm mandate)," Cr Hungerford said.

"I never take the community for granted."

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