IN AN effort to raise awareness of what unique native animals are living on the Fraser Coast and the perils they face, volunteers from the Fraser Coast Wildlife Preservation Society have created an educational display that is now on show at the Hervey Bay Library.

With mammals in the spotlight, FCWPS spokeswoman Diane Christensen said volunteers hope the display will better inform the general public of an element of the natural world that for many, remains unknown.

Ms Christensen said the biggest threat to the animals was the depletion and destruction of their habitat caused by housing developments.

"Housing developments have quite often not been planned with animal protection in mind," she said.

"The result is that we are facing the extinction of many species.

"This fact is incredibly sad for the fauna that is completely innocent, and for our own children who will grow up unaware of their legacy."

The display highlights information about each animal in detail, including its habitat, and what the public can do to help ensure their survival.

"As most native animals are removed from our everyday lives, it is refreshing to have a chance to be immersed in a world we do not always see.

"To see is to know, to know is to understand, to understand is to respect; is an adage that allows us to become part of an incredible world and by doing so, protectors of our wildlife."

The display will run at the Hervey Bay Library for two weeks. The library is situated on Old Maryborough Rd, Pialba.

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