District school figures a mystery

EDUCATION Queensland cannot explain why Maryborough schools are operating at far lower capacity than their Hervey Bay counterparts.

Figures released earlier this week showed most Hervey Bay schools were operating close to capacity, while many Maryborough schools were operating below 70% capacity.

Department of Education and Training regional director for North Coast Greg Peach said Education Queensland was working to meet long-term enrolment projections over the next twenty years.

An Education Queensland spokesman said the department could not predict why there was a difference between the two regions as it was a social issue.

“The department helps school principals manage enrolments and identify the best and most optimal use of their best and most optimal use of their facilities,” Mr Peach said.

Of the five Fraser Coast schools that were found to operate above 90% capacity, three are in Hervey Bay.

At least three Maryborough schools were found to be operating below 60% capacity.

Visit for the full list of local school capacities.

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