Do our criminals deserve better than overcrowded jails?

OUR prisons are overcrowded, with inmates forced to sleep on mattresses on the ground next to an exposed toilet.

All but one high-security prison in Queensland is severely overcrowded, with an extra 1606 inmates above capacity being squeezed into the system.

We did a shout-out on Facebook asking: Do our criminals deserve better?

While some showed empathy for staff and those in prison on lesser crimes, the majority of those who responded don't believe criminals deserve better conditions. 

Shaleigh Benson believes criminals have it better than a lot of people not in jail.

"At least they know they'll be feed three meals a day and have a roof over their head. I'm disgusted that they get the things they get," Shaleigh said. 

Eris Jones has concerns for the officers working at the overcrowded prisons. 

Do prisoners deserve better than overcrowded jails?

This poll ended on 16 March 2017.

Current Results

Yes, I think they do, something needs to be done about overcrowded jails


No, I don't believe criminals deserve better conditions


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

"Makes it more difficult and dangerous for them to have to deal with over crowded and cranky prisoners," Eris said. 

Maryborough Correctional Centre.
Maryborough Correctional Centre. Valerie Horton

Shirley Ellingworth can see both sides of the situation in overcrowded jails. 

"The staff have harder work to do with overcrowding, tempers get frayed with overcrowding resulting in  unnecessary danger for all," she said.

"Not everyone in prison is a bad person, they have behaved badly, or not learned a valuable lesson. Some people l am sure are there because of technicalities, shortage of evidence, and other factors."

Julie Thatcher believes rehabilitation is the key and the overcrowding situation makes this hard to achieve.

"We want these people to leave the system and not return. I don't think that they should be treated better, but I do think it would be hard to rehabilitate if basic human needs are not met," Julie said. 

Peter Downing pointed out the fact that our soldiers got shoved in a trench in all the elements.

"So aren't these guys in for discipline training as well or are the crims worth more to society than our soldiers ?"

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