Mayor Mick Kruger
Mayor Mick Kruger

Councillors get marked

THEIR answers were varied, unpredictable and entirely their own.

During the interviews for the Chronicle’s “Coffee with a Councillor” series, which ended yesterday, members of the Fraser Coast Regional Council were asked to assess their performances during the first 20 months of the fledgling council’s life.

“If you could mark your councillor report card at this point in time, what would be on yours?” they were asked.

The councillors were asked to consider their impact on and effectiveness in the new region, in the wake of the 2008 local elections which brought the old Maryborough, Hervey Bay, Tiaro and Woocoo shire councils together.

Mayor Mick Kruger led the way with a confident 100 per cent assessment, with deputy mayor Belinda McNeven coming up with 92 per cent after some number crunching.

“We’ve got to move on now and I can see they’re starting to do that now, starting to think as a region, and moving forward in the right way,” Mr Kruger said.

Sue Brooks (85 per cent), Julie Arthur (8 out of 10), Linda Harris (7 out of 10), Barb Hovard (6 out of 10), Anne Nioa (B+) and Gerard O’Connell (C+) each offered their self assessments.

David Dalgleish gave his effort an A, Debbie Hawes said she was aiming for 110 per cent, while Les MucKan said the “community marks my report card”.

How do you rate your councillors’ performance? Tell us how you would mark your councillors’ effort and effectiveness as the Fraser Coast council’s second anniversary nears.

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