Maleny Dairies.
Maleny Dairies. Greg Miller

Don't let Australian industries die off

JUST returned from a tour of the Maleny dairy factory which included feeding the farm animals, milking a cow and sampling the dairy products.

I enjoyed it and so did my grandchildren.

It is good to see a dairy farmer succeed who was close to walking away (after politicians tried to destroy the dairy industry by deregulation).

They now process 80,000 litres of milk per day from themselves and other local farmers.

They produce tasty milk products such as plain milk, flavoured milks, custard and four yoghurts.

I would recommend Sunshine Coast residents do the tour and support these farmers by purchasing Maleny Dairy products.

Our future depends on this support.

We cannot sit back and watch our short-sighted politicians allow more Australian industries to die off.

Our children deserve better.


Meridan Plains

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