Draft bans to nudge smokers into quitting

LAWS DRAFTED by the Palaszczuk government could soon mean less space for smokers on the Fraser Coast.

In what has been dubbed a move towards a "smoke free future", proposed changes to the Tobacco and Other Smoking Products Act could soon spell an end to smoking in public.

The draft changes, to be introduced to parliament in November, include a ban on smoking in pedestrian outdoor malls, at waiting points for trains and buses, within government building pedestrian precincts, in national parks and at public swimming pools, at residential aged care facilities (outside of designated areas) and at childhood education and care services.

Further, a smoke-free buffer increase from four to five metres at commercial and government building entrances along with a total ban on the sale of tobacco products at pop-up retail outlets such as those at music festivals, has also been suggested.

But that is not all, the state government has also planned to investigate licensing arrangements that affect the sale and use of tobacco in Queensland.

Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Cameron Dick said his government was taking "strong action" in a move described as a needed nudge by Cancer Council Queensland chief executive Professor Jeff Dunn.

"These proposed changes will safeguard people from second-hand smoke, encourage more smokers to quit, and prevent more young people from taking up this lethal habit," Professor Dunn said.

State member for Maryborough Bruce Saunders said the changes could mean better health for children and families.

"Young people out playing... will be able to do so safe in the knowledge that they won't be breathing second-hand smoke," he said.

Minister Dick said consultation with key interest groups would begin immediately.

QLD Government says smoking every year

  • Costs state economy $6 billion
  • Causes 3,700 deaths
  • Results in 36,000 hospitalisations
  • Passive smoking claims one life a day

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