Drilling site protesters charged

PROTESTERS who clashed with police at a NSW drilling site have been ordered to front court.

Since State Government approval was given for test drilling to take place on private land at Fullerton Cove last week, anti-coal seam gas activists have maintained a blockade.

Police were called to clear the site on Tuesday and 10 protesters who refused to leave were given infringement notices.

Two women were also charged with obstruction after allegedly locking themselves to a tractor.

Superintendent Trevor Shiels called on protestors to exercise "common sense".

"Everyone has the right to free speech and to protest. However, when this interferes with people's safety and obstructs traffic then action has to be taken," Supt Shiels said.

"We have attempted to resolve this matter peacefully and exercised our discretion in taking minimal action and with minimal force.

"However, when our directions are repeatedly ignored, we have no option but to take action. This is what happened today and this will continue to happen if the obstruction continues".

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