Enough is enough - Drive 2 Stay Alive

Take the Drive 2 Stay Alive Pledge

MANY heartbroken families are dealing daily with the tragedy of losing a loved one on Queensland roads.

The carnage continues and  it is up to you to stop your loved ones from being added to that list.

The Drive 2 Stay Alive campaign is designed to make you stop and think when you take to the roads.

Readers, residents and motorists are invited to take the Drive 2 Stay Alive pledge by filling in the form, below.

We continually share with readers the stories of those affected by road trauma.

That phrase used to calm worried minds at the mention of “road toll” is not inherently unique.

The families of the lives lost, also once said to themselves “it could not happen to us”.

It can. And it did.

Queensland police spend countless hours on our roads in a bid to reduce the road each year.

Perhaps most frustrating is that local education programs such as Road Trauma Services Queensland are still struggling to get the support of a community.

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