Former council worker laments foreshore clearing

LETTER TO EDITOR: Never in the past 50 years has a council interfered with the planning and care of our precious and unique foreshore as this council has done.

In those years I worked with 10 councils and six mayors, and always received complete approval and encouragement without any interference, because we were entrusted to do our best to improve and protect our foreshore and its vulnerable sand dunes and shoreline from nature's fury during cyclones and northerly winds.

Over the past two years I have watched in horror and foreboding as bit by bit, the stability we carefully provided has been decimated and removed.

Recent arrivals to Hervey Bay who class us as greenies and tree huggers want the beautiful sea views that are visible only when the weather is calm with no wind.

I am the first to admit that driving, riding or walking along the Esplanade on such days the view of the ocean is something to behold.

But, take a few days like last weekend when the strong northerly winds blasted sand across the Esplanade, into shops and homes, and made walking most uncomfortable.

I am 72 and my wife has MS and in a wheelchair so our days of enjoying picnics, etc are almost behind us but we both passionately love Hervey Bay and want what still remains to be protected from the chainsaws and mulchers.

Please Hervey Bay wake up before it's too late.

- Geoff and Bev Cornwell, Point Vernon

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