Killarney man killed after car crashes into creek

UPDATE: The driver killed in a traffic crash at Tannymoral was a Killarney man, police have confirmed.

Police are investigating whether the man had suffered a medical condition.

The 67-year-old was dead when the car was found on its side in the creek at 1pm yesterday. The crash is believed to have occurred yesterday morning.

YESTERDAY 3:10pm: The 67-year-old male driver and single occupant of a vehicle which crashed into Farm Creek at Tannymorel this afternoon has been confirmed as deceased.

It is understood the vehicle was travelling east along Tannymorel Rd a short time after midday when it left the road and went through a barbed wire fence onto private property, before travelling 400 metres along the creek bank and rolling  down a steep section of embankment into the creek.

The vehicle, a small Hyundai hatchback, ended up in 20cm of water on its side.

The cause of the accident is yet to be understood but initial indications are that the driver may have suffered a medical condition while at the wheel.

The owner of the property, Tracy Spragge, told the Daily News she happened to arrive home from work at about 12.45pm and noticed the damaged section of fence near her home.

"I went and had a look and thought someone might've come off the road and gone through the fence and then taken off again," she said.

"But then we spotted the car in the creek and at first thought there was no-one inside, but we looked again after talking to a neighbour to see if they'd seen anything and found the driver."

An upset Mrs Spragge said it was clear the driver was deceased at the scene.

"If the grass near the fence had been longer we might not have seen the broken wire and the car could have lain there for days," she said.

"It's just a very unfortunate thing to have happened."

YESTERDAY 2:10pm: The driver of a car that veered off Tannymorel Rd, through a fence and into a creek has died at the scene.

The accident occurred a short time before 1.30pm and was possibly the result of the driver having a heart attack.

At this stage the age and gender of the driver, who was the only person in the car at the time, is still unknown.

More updates to come.

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