Driver registers appalling .308

A WOMAN caught driving at more than six times the legal alcohol limit was among the appalling number of drink-drivers to face the Hervey Bay Magistrates Court yesterday.

A total of 39 drink-driving cases were heard, which has given police even more reason to expect the worst on our roads this Christmas.

Every fortnight on a Wednesday, too many drink-drivers front up to the courthouse, giving the Bay a shameful reputation and proving that our drivers just aren’t getting the message.

Yesterday was no exception, with the public gallery so packed that many people were forced to stand at the back of the courtroom.

Many of the drivers said they had had “only had a couple” and “didn’t think (they’d) be over the limit” – lines Magistrate Tom Killeen has heard too many times.

Men and women of all ages that stood before the court, adding weight to the argument that drink-driving is a problem across the entire population.

The highest alcohol reading was that of 31-year-old Shayne Maree Green, who was picked up at more than six times the legal limit.

Green was involved in a three-vehicle crash at Taylor Street and Torquay Road, Pialba, and returned a reading of 0.308. The court heard Green’s history included a previous reading of 0.257.

Mr Killeen placed Green on 18 months probation and disqualified her from driving for two years but warned that she would go to jail if she committed another serious offence.

Sergeant Bruce Trickett of Hervey Bay police urged drivers to avoid contributing to the road toll by getting behind the wheel drunk.

“People have got to be aware in relation to drink-driving, especially with the increased amount of Christmas parties occurring during the festive season,” he said.

He said a person’s height, weight, gender and how much they had eaten could impact on their alcohol concentration.

“Drivers need to consider the fact that there are numerous factors that can impact on the body’s ability to process alcohol. Different people are able to consume similar quantities of alcohol and return different readings when tested by police.

“Police will be increasing their traffic patrols ... to help reduce the tragic road toll that can be attributed to the fatal four which includes drink-driving.”

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