Driver turns wrong cheek fuelling up with no pants

WITH a cheeky flash Aaron Thomas Bolger caught the eye of a CCTV camera and landed himself in a pot of hot water.

The 24-year-old Hervey Bay man had pulled up at a service station on the Warrego Highway near Hatton Vale about 1.20am on June 4 this year.

When he got out of the vehicle he was captured on camera wearing only a jacket that “barely passed his crotch”, a Hervey Bay court has heard.

Bolger was sentenced to four months behind bars after he pleaded guilty to a series of charges including driving without a licence, without insurance and without registration.

The court heard that Bolger had been disqualified from driving for six months at a Toowoomba court last March and had also failed to fulfil a 40-hour community service order.

Prosecutor Steve Lord told the Hervey Bay Magistrates Court that Bolger's “butt cheek flashed” as he went to the back of his car.

After putting fuel in the car Bolger had entered the station shop and asked for lubricant.

Acting Senior Constable Lord told the court the shop assistant was “very scared” and had described the defendant as “menacing” while walking around with no trousers on.

Defence solicitor Sarah Laikind said her client had no recollection of the incident until police showed him photographs from CCTV of the late-night incident.

“He couldn't believe it.

“It was a bit of an epiphany for him. He has not touched a drug since. It was like waking up from a nightmare. He is extremely regretful.”

She told the court that Bolger was a single father of a two-year-old girl and was now studying boilermaking full-time at Tafe.

“One would wonder why you consented to a community service order when you knew you would not be able to get there,” Magistrate Graeme Tatnell said.

“This was atrocious behaviour that has caused all sorts of embarrassment to people.”

Bolger was sentenced to four months imprisonment, with an immediate parole release date.

He was also disqualified from holding a licence for three years.

He was fined $750 for the driving offences.

Bolger was further fined $600 for breaching a community service order and $400 for a breach of bail.

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