Motorists evade police cop hefty fines and loss of licence

MORE than 40 Fraser Coast motorists in just six months ran from police rather than facing up to their own actions, according to figures from the Queensland Police.

Of the 42 drivers who fled from the law, just 13 have faced charges for the crime between April 8 and October 7 this year.

This compares with 27 people who evaded police in the previous six months which resulted in 15 charges.

In the last six months Hervey Bay was the worst area in the region for evade police offences with 17 recorded, which compares to the 13 in Maryborough during the same time period.

The figures come just a month after a man in Point Vernon allegedly taunted police after they stopped following him.

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In the interest of safety QPS has a strictly no pursuits policy except in incidents where someone's life is in jeopardy.

Hervey Bay police Sergeant Darryn Morris said there were a number of ways police tracked down those who had dodged the thin blue line.

"We really rely on police and witnesses viewing those number plates," he said.

Sgt Morris said evade police incidents were not common in the Hervey Bay division but they did happen.

"The fine is a minimum of $5,500 and a mandatory (licence) disqualification of two years," he said.

"That fine and disqualification will normally exceed the fine if a road rule has been broken."

Evade police incidents

Between April 8 and Oct 7:

Hervey Bay - 17

Maryborough - 13

Childers - 3

Howard - 2

Tiaro - 2

Tin Can Bay - 2

Biggenden - 1

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