Driving offences keep police busy

POLICE in Howard dealt with more than 130 reported occurrences during a 60-day period this year, with criminal acts making up about 37% of the occurrences reported.

More than 45 criminal incidents were reported in the Howard region from June 15 to August 14, as well as about 82 other offences.

About two offences were recorded on average each day, with traffic-related crimes making up about 17% of the total incidents recorded by police.

Unlicensed driving was the most common criminal act documented in the region during the two-month period, making up about 18.3% of the criminal incidents recorded, followed by drink-driving at 10.2%.

Unsafe driving was also an issue in the region, with police in Howard patrolling a large section of the Bruce Hwy.

Howard police Senior Constable Mark Farrelly said officers were focussing on traffic offences as part of a state crackdown on road safety.

"We focus on road safety and driving offences quite a lot as our area includes the Bruce Hwy," he said.

"We find a lot of the people who commit the offences are often passing through the area as well."

Eight offences involving stealing and drug possession also occurred in Howard, as well as two serious assaults and two wilful damages.

Snr Cnst Farrelly said occurrences in the Howard region had been on the decline, thanks mainly to the pro-active local community.

"We get a lot of tips from people in the community," he said.

"So that helps up to do more pro-active policing to reduce crime in the area."

Of the 131 incidents reported, about 28 are still under investigation.

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9 driving while unlicensed

5 drink-driving

5 driving unregistered or uninsured

4 stealing

4 drug possession or use

3 enter with intent

3 public nuisance

2 wilful damage

2 serious assault

1 assault occasioning bodily harm

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