CANTOADMOBILE: Shane Jacob with his fully
CANTOADMOBILE: Shane Jacob with his fully "Marooned" 1994 ED Falcon. Alistair Brightman

Driving the maroon fever

HARD-core maroons fan, Shane Jacob, says he feels like a rock star driving past the Caxton Hotel in Brisbane on State of Origin nights.

Since buying a 1994 ED Ford in 2000 he has not stopped at collecting memorabilia, mainly signatures of Queensland origin players, to plaster all over his car.

In the early days Shane would cop a ribbing from mates saying Queensland was no good playing against New South Wales.

"So I decided to make a statement," he said.

"This is my little thing that I do for the players who look forward to it every year to see what I have done to it."

Herald editor Boni Holmes spoke with Shane in 2012 when he was only just starting to collect players signatures.

"It has been ongoing every year and will keep going until I run out of room.

"I would like to have 193 signatures but I am not going to get them all - Arthur Beetson, Peter Jackson and Ross Henrick died; and they are spread all over Australia."


Shane Jacob with his fully
Shane Jacob with his fully "Marooned" 1994 ED Falcon. Alistair Brightman

Shane has been following origin since it started in 1980.

"I went there as a kid and Artie led them on.

"I have the signature of the very first coach, John McDonald.

"I have a tribute on the car - RIP Artie 1980-2011 and his son signed above it - it is a little reminder of what Artie did for Queensland.

"If you don't mention it no one remembers.

"It is history - a piece of memorabilia."

His statement is now his passion with signatures from the greats like Wally Lewis, tributes to legends like Arthur Beetson and stickers that scream QUEENSLANDER.

Most years he heads to Brisbane for origin matches doing laps of Caxton St before stopping at the Queenslander's famous watering hole and indulging hundreds of fans.

He even gets the thumbs up from the blues supporters.

"They tell me I am a true fan to do that to your car and stick by your team. People come from everywhere - both sides of the roads - just like ants and there is just enough room to drive down and they are high fiveing you.

"You feel like your a rock star - but that what it is to be a fan - I love it."