Drunk nudie runner in court

THERE was a full moon the night residents in Point Vernon looked out their windows to see a drunk man running naked down the street and cursing the world.

Martin Morris Hartwig faced court yesterday charged with public nuisance.

The 20-year-old was arrested two weeks ago after police received several calls from concerned Preston Street residents who could see and hear a naked man “yelling loudly and using obscene language”.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Kath Stagoll said officers witnessed Hartwig, who was heavily intoxicated, walk up to a parked car and “thrust his genitals around wildly” before “banging” on the side.

It was then that officers placed him under arrest.

Defence lawyer John Milburn said his client was “very embarrassed” about his behaviour and wanted to apologise to the court.

He said Hartwig was not normally a drinker and that he had a “low tolerance” to alcohol.

“He drank because he was feeling stressed,” Mr Milburn said.

“He drank himself to sleep and blacked out.”

Mr Milburn said Hartwig only remembered “snippets” of what had happened and had no recollection of removing his clothes or yelling at anyone.

He also explained that Hartwig, who is currently unemployed, planned to go to university next year and study to be a sound engineer. Hervey Bay Magistrate Graeme Tatnell noted Hartwig's recent criminal history and said it was clear he needed to stay away from alcohol.

“You obviously have some problems,” Mr Tatnell said.

“It's rather bizarre behaviour and you need to go do something about it.”

Hartwig was convicted and fined $400.

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