Paramedic taken to hospital after drunk woman attacks ambos

FOUR paramedics were attacked, one needing medical treatment, after a heavily intoxicated woman lashed out as them as they tried to provide assistance.

The injured paramedic was assessed at the Hervey Bay Hospital for soft tissue damage to the arm.

But similar attacks are all too common, as the Chronicle revealed in September at least one paramedic was assaulted either physically or verbally every month in the Wide Bay.

In the most recent incident paramedics were called to assist a woman on Torquay Rd about 4.30pm on Tuesday afternoon when she lashed out.

A Queensland Ambulance Service Hervey Bay spokesman said police were called to the incident for the protection of paramedics.

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He said unfortunately assaults on paramedics were on the increase.

"It's a concern to us especially with alcohol and drug related call outs," he said.

Hervey Bay police Acting Sergeant Richard Whatman said the Scarness woman, 36, was passed-out when paramedics arrived but lashed out when they attempted to rouse her.

He said paramedics were able to calm her before taking her to the hospital.

"On route to hospital she has become violent," he said.

Sgt Whatman said the paramedics stopped outside the Hervey Bay RSL Club and waited for police to arrive.

Police helped escort the woman to the Hervey Bay Hospital, where the woman once again became violent and "shoulder barged" one of the paramedics.

Sgt Whatman said during the ordeal the woman struck paramedics and at one stage attempted to bite one of the ambulance officers.

He said it was not uncommon for police to be called to assist ambulance with patients who were violent or situations which were considered dangerous.

"The ambulance (officers) do get a rough time considering they are there to help you," he said.

"The ambos, they are the good guys."

Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Cameron Dick said he was concerned to hear about the attack in Hervey Bay.

"We have zero tolerance of aggressive behaviour towards QAS staff," he said.

"We encourage the reporting of all incidents of assaults.

"The QAS works closely with the Queensland Police Service to report any incidents of assault."

The assault of a paramedic carries a maximum penalty of 14 years imprisonment.

Police are investigating the incident.

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