Man fined over threats at Muster

A HERVEY Bay man who abused and threatened staff at this year's Gympie Muster has been told he acted like a "drunken yobbo" and fined $450.

Clint Mark Thomas became aggressive and repeatedly swore during an afternoon at the family event, after security staff chastised him for lighting a cigarette in a non-smoking area.

He was in an entertainment area when the commotion began, about 2.45pm on August 25, and became angry when asked to relocate to the designated smoking area.

"F*** this, you can't tell me what to do," Thomas told the security staff.

"I'm going to knock you out," he said, pointing a finger at their heads.

He then went over to the bar and directed his aggression towards the staff who were serving drinks.

After demanding to be served more alcohol, he told the bar staff they were taking too long.

"F***ing quicker, f***ing quicker," he yelled at them.

At this point, police were called because the staff were concerned not only for their own safety, but that of the other patrons, Hervey Bay Magistrates Court was told.

When the 32-year-old was ejected from the precinct, he threatened the security staff with "I'll be back to finish you off" and kicked over a chair on his way out.

Police arrived soon after, and found Thomas with dishevelled clothing and smelling strongly of alcohol.

"They tried to question him, but he seemed incoherent," police prosecutor Senior Constable Nicole Kunkel told the court.

Thomas was searched by police, who located 0.5g of marijuana inside a metal tin in his pocket.

He was arrested and taken to the Gympie watchhouse, where he was charged with being drunk and disorderly and possessing dangerous drugs

In court, he admitted to consuming alcohol and marijuana that day, but said he couldn't remember being so abusive.

Therefore, he told Magistrate Tom Killeen, it must not have happened.

"I believe they (the police facts) are highly exaggerated, your honour," he said.

Thomas went on to question why he had been permitted to enter the event if he had been so blatantly drunk.

"Maybe they didn't pick up on you until you started mouthing off or something," Mr Killeen said.

He told Thomas that people could develop different personas when they were intoxicated and that having no recollection was not an excuse.

"There are probably 100 people who were there that night who could come along and say you were a pain in the neck - just a drunken yobbo," he said.

Thomas was fined $450 when he pleaded guilty to both offences.

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