Email scam sprung by bad geography

A TOOGOOM man has spotted an apparent email scam after trying to sell a car, when the perpetrator gave himself away with a series of bizarre geographical claims.

The man, who did not wish to be identified, contacted the Chronicle after he received a series of bizarre emails in response to an ad he placed for his car in the paper and online with

He said a man using the name “Kelvin” continued asking for details of the his online banking details.

Kelvin wanted his paypal account details, his email account and his home address, all while apparently “in the middle of the ocean in Tasmania” on an oceanography expedition.

Our Toogoom source grew suspicious when Kelvin said he wanted to buy the vehicle “as a surprise gift for my (Kelvin’s) dad in New Zealand.”

“Kelvin probably didn’t realise you couldn’t transport a car too easily from Toogoom to New Zealand, while he was braving the rough seas in the middle of forests of Tasmania.”

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