Employment hub a massive positive for Rockhampton

ROCKHAMPTON's future as a fly in-fly out city for Adani excites Mayor Margaret Strelow but she urges locals not to gaze too far into the crystal ball.

Last week Adani announced an employment hub will come to Rockhampton along with Mackay and Townsville, where people can apply for employment on the ground and receive to face to face interviews.

Mayor Strelow said the hub commitment was a massive positive for the region and surrounding areas.

"It means that they will set up an office and interview people in Rockhampton," Cr Strelow said.

"They will be looking for experience in industrial workplaces or with whatever appropriate qualifications and have committed to a face-to-face interview process.

"There will not only be jobs for people in our community but that we will be one of the communities that people from elsewhere who are looking to work in this mine will have to choose between to relocate their families.

"So we are in a prime position even though Adani does have a journey still to go."

Employment opportunities for the mine infrastructure phase and the ongoing mine operations will arise upon commencement of the project.

Together with the mine, rail, port, supply chain and subcontracting opportunities, this will equate to thousands of direct and indirect employment opportunities. Add to this the opportunities that will arise from other Galilee Basin projects, there will be tens of thousands of jobs available.

Some of the supply chain opportunities for the region will include engineering, construction, maintenance, heavy machinery, equipment, transport, camps, and labour hire.

Mayor Strelow stressed public not to get overexcited about a project still taking baby steps in terms of development.

Yes, the potential is huge here, and it will be massive for Central Queensland," Cr Strelow said.

"I am worried about everyone getting excited about things that are potentially two years away. There are plenty of things they still have to do before that.

"Adani are a massive company and it is just a strand of one of their businesses." 

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