Ergon bites back over dog attacks on meter readers

BEING an electricity meter reader should not be a high risk job, but a worker is attacked by dogs about once every month in the Wide Bay.

Since September last year, there have been two attacks on Ergon Energy employees in Maryborough, two in Hervey Bay and five in Bundaberg.

The figures have prompted Ergon to remind customers with dogs to advise the company that their pet is on the premises, and keep them restrained in an area away from meter boxes, in a bid to reduce attacks.

Across regional Queensland, there has been 152 attacks or near misses in the past 12 months, with 58 injuries reported - an average of more than one injury every week.

"Our meter readers are advised not to enter a property with a dog on the premises unless they are able to confirm that it is safe to do so," Ergon's manager for regional services Geoff Bowes said. "This may include checking that the dog is securely restrained or located in a separate area away from the meter box.

"This doesn't mean your dog is dangerous, but we cannot take risks when it comes to safety."

Mr Bowes said if customers had safety issues, Ergon could help identify options to ensure access to their electricity meters.


Keep your dogs restrained or located away from the meter

Use a lock authorised by Ergon Energy to secure your meter box, gates or other property access point


Keep the meter clear

Remember that Ergon may arrange for disconnection where a customer fails to provide access

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