REUNION: Ethan Dower, 14, reunited with his scooter.
REUNION: Ethan Dower, 14, reunited with his scooter. Matthew McInerney

Ethan's back on track after fears his wheels were gone

WITHIN 30 minutes of his scooter's safe return Ethan Dower was back at Rock Off Hervey Bay working on his tricks for the Australian Scooter Association Queensland Titles.

Ethan, pictured, has just gone through what he described as a confronting ordeal when, just four days before the state titles, his scooter was allegedly stolen while he was at school.

It happened between 1 and 3pm on Wednesday, and that afternoon he faced the real prospect his prized possession was gone forever.

Ethan's scooter is one of the most important parts of what makes him, him.

He's rarely seen without it, has posted numerous clips of his tricks on YouTube, and, as evidenced yesterday, he spends quite a bit of his time at Rock Off Hervey Bay.

"I got it from dad when he picked me up at 3.30pm then came straight to Rock Off,” he said during our short interview at 4.15pm.

Facebook posts about his missing scooter went viral as he, mum Melissa and dad Andrew all pleaded for its safe return.

The trio racked up more than 700 shares between them, and at 11am on Thursday the scooter was retrieved by Hervey Bay police and delivered to Andrew. Ethan found out right away.

"I was in maths and dad called me. I was pretty happy,” Ethan said.

As far as the competition goes, Ethan is back on track.

A split second after the end of our interview he shot up one of Rock Off Hervey Bay's ramps and launched into one of the moves he hopes will deliver him a top 10 finish on Sunday.

A top 10 finish will mean an Australian title berth for a 14-year-old who is in love with his chosen sport.

"I want to ride as long as I can,” Ethan said.

He will be one of eight Rock Off Hervey Bay riders at Sunday's competition, with at least one rider in each of the six age categories: under-7, U10, U13, 16&U, opens, and pros.

An 18-year-old male was charged with stealing, and will face court at a later date.

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