Ex-ranger sickened by dingo deaths

Ray Revill, a former Fraser Island ranger, is devastated by the recent shooting of two dingo pups on the island.
Ray Revill, a former Fraser Island ranger, is devastated by the recent shooting of two dingo pups on the island. Fraser Coast Chronicle

DINGOES on Fraser Island must be given safe feeding stations so they can survive and tourists can still get close to them.

Ray Revill, a passionate wildlife lobbyist who spent nine years on Fraser as a ranger, said yesterday that if feeding stations were not set up the dingo would become extinct.

“The news this week that rangers shot two dingo pups is just devastating. You have to ask what were the circumstances of the supposed attacks on children. Were perhaps the youngsters teasing the animals with food?

“Either way, shooting pups is not the answer.”

Mr Revill, who has run the TESS Wildlife Sanctuary in Maryborough for three years, said he was hoping to convince the government to give him two pups for the sanctuary.

“We want to keep them sustained because there is a real possibility of this animal dying out.”

He said he left the island ranger job because of the dingoes.

“It was coming to the point where we were going to be expected to shoot them and I couldn't face that.

“The reason this problem started in the first place was when the government decided to move the wild brumbies off the island and also got tough on commercial fishermen leaving their by-products on the beaches.

“Dingoes are a prime reason the tourists come to Fraser Island.”

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