Stage two of health review step up

A CLINICAL audit of Fraser Coast health services is a priority, health service chief Beth Norton has confirmed.

The Wide Bay Health Service District manager said that the team working on stage two of the review, which focuses on clinical services at Maryborough and Hervey Bay hospitals, had been expanded.

The team now also includes an independent consultant, a clinical governance expert from the Queensland Health Centre for Healthcare Improvement and experts from Queensland Health’s Patient Safety Centre.

Ms Norton did not comment, however, on the potential analysis of the audit report by the newly established Community Health Task Force.

“Once complete, the outcome of the review will provide clear recommendations to ensure the safe and appropriate delivery of health care services to people on the Fraser Coast.”

The chair of the Community Health Task Force, Chris Foley, remained optimistic about the group’s potential input into the review.

He said he would discuss it personally with health minister Paul Lucas on his return to parliament next week.

“I don’t see why he would be against it,” Maryborough MP Mr Foley said.

Stage one of the clinical services review involves the assessment of key financial performance indicators, funding allocations, staffing distribution, organisational and administrative processes across the Fraser Coast Health Service.

Ms Norton said the development of the terms of reference for stage two was ongoing and also confirmed human resources management, financial and corporate services and industrial relations representatives would be part of the review team.

“The work is being undertaken as a priority by the selected team,” she said. However, a completion date for the review is not known.

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