Facebook community share their views on Cup holiday

IN a race that stops the nation we asked our Facebook community if they think Melbourne Cup should be made a public holiday or not. 

While few were in support of a day off, most who responded weren't keen on creating a public holiday. 

Bob Brown pointed out his views on only having Australian horses in the race, while Allison Neil Probert said a race that only lasts a couple of minutes wasn't worth the public holiday. 


Are you taking the day off for Melbourne Cup and do you think it should be made into a public holiday?

Paul Bradley: "Yes bring on more public holidays, I love the time off."

Amanda Zamper: "No, no other sporting event gets a public holiday so why should Melbourne cup? For a race that lasts what? A minute and a half?"

Jodie Tangikara: "Its the race that stops the nation. Personally I won't be watching, rather watch my children at swimming carnival. But it stops our nation so all states should have the holiday, not just VIC."


 "No but it's normally something that employers get involved in to a degree anyway."

- Daryl Hemming

Bob Brown: "Not a fan of it.. but should it just be Australian horses not includes overseas horses... money stays here."

Christine Hogan: "Nup!!...why merit and encourage gambling and drinking with a free public holiday at the full expense (paid for) by our ever-struggling business entrepreneurs. And if racegoers and club/pub goers are concerned about hangovers...apply for a day out of your annual holiday allocations!!

Vanessa Lazarus: "We're Aussies:) anything for a day off or just call in sick."

Allison Neil Probert: "No, we don't need another one just for a race that takes a couple of minutes."

Roz Smith: "Nope working, and nope.Don't watch it, don't bet as I have a child to support and watch my pennies so not willing to waste a few bob when it can be spent on food etc plus there is enough holidays in the year."

Nancy Miller: "No it's a short race not even worth the watch it doesn't stop my place in the nation."

Tania Bell: "I dont think it should be as it doesn't last long. I watch it every year myself but this year I rather watch my girls swim at there swimming carnival.."

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