Fed up with kids riding on footpaths: Letter


I for one, along with many others, are sick and tired and fed up with kids riding on footpaths with their bikes and their skateboards.

Pedestrians have rights also and the number of times that I have been nearly knocked to the ground it's just not funny and it is not a joke anymore and something that has got to change with the laws to protect the pedestrians before it is too late.

To all mums and dads please teach your kids the right way by all.

If they haven't got the confidence on the road then get on a bus or walk because pedestrians are fed up with being nearly knocked over all the time.

We should be able to walk in peace and safety on our footpaths.




IT SEEMS that in some relationships, young children have a tendency to go through a stage of favouring dad over mum when things are going well, but as soon as they are hurt or need comforting, to whom do they turn but mum?

Mum always heals the wound, whether it be physical or emotional. When this behaviour continues, a good dad who loves the child's mother in the best interests of the mother and the child will always make sure that he conveys very clearly to the child that mummy is to be seen as of equal value and worth and that she is to be appreciated.

Dad needs to be sure to support and encourage mum if the child appears to be shutting her out.

A child will learn from the examples of his (usually in boys) dad, as to how to treat his mother. If dad puts mummy down, swears at her, abuses and dishonours her, and ignores her when she speaks to him, he will inevitably do the same.

In relation to the scourge of domestic and family violence, it is not just a matter of men respecting and treating women properly, but a matter of fathers taking the responsibility of disciplining their children in a firm but loving way, and making sure that they treat their mother with respect and dignity.

A young mother's life can be "hell on earth" if she is not supported and encouraged in the discipline of the children with her partner.



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