Dawson MP George Christensen
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Federal MPs call on Queensland to approve Adani mine

A GROUP of six federal LNP politicians have called on the Queensland Government to fast-track a mining license approval for the massive Adani Carmichael coal mine in central Queensland.

The MPs and Senators made the call in Canberra this morning in the wake of a state government final environmental approval for the mine released on Tuesday.

That approval included 140 environmental conditions across the gamut of potential effects of the massive Galilee Basin proposal.

It would be one of the globe's largest coal mines as part of a larger integrated mine, port and rail project owned by Adani aiming to supply enough coal to provide power to up to 100 million Indian people.

The mine has been controversial as the federal government given claims the emissions created by the coal burnt from the mine could blow out the world's carbon emissions targets.

That approval had to take into account a Land Court ruling that recommended approving the mine, but subject to several environmental conditions surrounding the mine's potential effects on the black-throated finch.

But the mine still faces several hurdles in the form of two other court challenges and a final investment decision regarding the huge $16 billion cost the Indian conglomerate would need to pour into the investment.

Politicians including George Christensen, Michelle Landry, Senator Matt Canavan called on the state to approve the mining license, which was understood to be delayed by the court cases afoot.

All those calling for the approval welcomed the state government's environment approval, but urged the mining license be approved to help create jobs in central Queensland.

But ABC reported this morning that Queensland Mines Minister Anthony said several statutory obligations remained before the license could be approved.

Those obligations included compensation agreements with local governments over affected roads in central Queensland and talks with the remaining landholders.

A spokesman for Adani said that while the environmental approval was "a welcome development", it was "critical the state government works actively with us and ensures no further delays" to other approvals including the mining lease.

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