Festive hangovers no excuse for not showing up to court

IT IS probably not a wise move not to show up to court when one of the state's toughest magistrates is presiding on the bench.

But that is exactly what eight alleged criminals did on Tuesday in Ipswich Magistrates Court.

Their no shows resulted in Magistrate Stuart Shearer taking no time to issue bench warrants for their arrest.

First cab off the rank was Jeffery William Ronald Anderson who is facing a string of alleged drug and property offences.

Next up was Dennis Gregory Butcher who is facing several alleged stealing offences.

He was followed by Richard William Hodgkiss who is accused of drug driving.

Then came Benjamin John Kimber who is accused of possessing a dangerous drug and Jody Lee Junge who is accused of driving offences.

Mr Junge's legal representative told the court he could not contact his client and asked the court if he could withdraw his representation.

Magistrate Shearer granted the application.

Shannon James Murray, who is facing drug and property charges, was also a no show and his bail was revoked and a warrant for his arrest issued.

Magistrate Shearer also issued a warrant for the arrest of Dylan Robert Rankine who has been charged with allegedly assaulting a police officer and break and enter offences.

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