Maryborough Girls Grammar School class of 1968 will hold their 50th anniversary reunion.
Maryborough Girls Grammar School class of 1968 will hold their 50th anniversary reunion. contributed

Fifty years since graduation

NEXT month will be 50 years since the senior students of Maryborough Girls Grammar School sat for their senior exams.

The former students who have gathered only twice since leaving school in 1968 will hold their 50th reunion on the November 16 weekend.

Elizabeth Booth (nee Crittall) said this reunion was including students who were in junior in 1966 and sub senior in 1967.

"We are looking to invite the girls to a dinner on the Friday night," Ms Booth said.

"There are a lot of girls who still live in town and only went to Year 10 leaving for work, not many went onto Year 12.

"There were also some girls who went onto Year 11 and then got jobs and went onto other things.

"We would love to hear from them if they are interested in coming along - we have had some ladies who are very interested in catching up."

Ms Booth said at the 20-year and 40-year reunions, she spoke with former students about their school uniforms.

"We had to have our socks rolled down, dresses had to be so far above your knees, and your tunics couldn't be bloused over our skirts, they had to be straight," she said.

"We still talk about our beautiful saxe blue sports uniform that we had, with gaude skirt and cupped sleeves and a brown belt tied around the middle with the big blue bloomers underneath."

Ms Booth said students remembered one form teachers who they called Miss Blue.

"Miss Blue was always in blue dresses, drove a blue car, had blue hair, and wore blue earrings," she said.

"We did find a form teacher from Year 11 and 12.

"She's not well but we are hoping, as the only teacher we have been able to track down, she will attend the reunion."

Ms Booth said the students were not allowed to talk to boys while walking to and from school.

"There were rules to how far we could sit at the Fairy Ring at the front of the school," she said.

"We had to stay behind this line, we weren't allowed down near the fence.

"The boys were allowed to come down to the fence but we weren't even allowed to talk to them on the way home."

Ms Booth said most of the class would attend the graduation of the 2018 Year 12 students and the opening of the school's new performing arts centre.

"We have been invited to part of the official event,"she said.

On the Saturday morning those who attend the reunion will be invited to a mural and military walk and a visit the school's museum.

The school is seeking memorabilia.

For more information email Juliene Ward (Larson) at or phone Ms Booth on 4121 3735.

SCHOOL REUNION: 2019 marks 50 years since the students of Year 10 completed their schooling at Maryborough Girls State High School. A reunion to mark this occasion is planned for the May 4-5, 2019. Students who completed their senior years in 1970 (Year 11) and 1971 (Year 12) are also included in these celebrations.

To attend, email or Rhonda at robingilchrist1

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