FANCY the idea of being able to meet Leonardo DiCaprio in the cloud any time you want?

Australians will have the chance to do just that through a new video streaming service called UltraViolet.

The service is launching from Universal Sony Home Entertainment. 

The Quentin Tarantino blockbuster, Django Unchained, releasing on June 6, will be one of the first Universal Sony titles Aussies can collect via UltraViolet.

The cloud-based video streaming service will be included at no extra cost to movie lovers when purchasing a DVD or Blu-ray™ disc.

Django Unchained DVDs and Blu-ray discs will include a redemption code, allowing buyers to add the movie to their UltraViolet Collection - an online library you can watch anywhere on your favourite devices including computers, smartphones, and tablets.

You can even share your UltraViolet collection online with family and friends.

Instead of carrying your discs with you, for long flights or car trips with kids, you can access your UltraViolet Collection online and stream your movie or TV show to any internet connected device, or if you're offline, download to your devices beforehand.

This is 40 and Django Unchained are the first UltraViolet enabled movies from Universal Sony, with other titles planned over the next few months to include Anna Karenina, Paranorman, Oblivion and Identity Thief.

UltraViolet will be bundled with most new release DVD and Blu-ray discs in all leading retailers from May 2013.

To register your movie or TV show purchase in your UltraViolet Collection, simply follow the instructions on the flyer found inside your DVD or Blu-ray case.

For more information on UltraViolet go to

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