First look at jets to be used between Melbourne and Bay

THIS is the kind of luxury that passengers aboard the new Jetgo service from Hervey Bay will experience en route to Melbourne.

The first of the airline's Embraer Regional Jets touched down at the Hervey Bay airport on Monday, offering a first-hand look at what flying on the service would look like for locals and incoming visitors.

The first Jetgo plane arrives in Hervey Bay. (L) Mayor Chris Loft with Paul Bredereck (Jetgo Mging Dir. Airlines).
The first Jetgo plane arrives in Hervey Bay. (L) Mayor Chris Loft with Paul Bredereck (Jetgo Mging Dir. Airlines). Alistair Brightman

Jetgo's managing director of airlines Paul Bredereck said the jets flying from Hervey Bay were state-of-the-art.

"Embraer have built over 1100 of these aircraft, and there's not been a single serious accident on them," Mr Bredereck said.

"It's a great aircraft, very popular in North America and Europe. But very slow to be adopted in Australia.

Jetgo will fly two variants of the Embraer jets from the region, one with 37 seats and another with 44.

Mr Bredereck estimated the planes flew at 850kmh and operated at about 37,000ft.

"They're fitted with American avionics and American-built Rolls Royce Engines," he said.

"But they provide a whole new level of comfort on smaller routes.

"It's a very comfortable aircraft, very fast and very quiet. It's a fairly high quality cabin product, and it's been very well received in other markets we've entered."

Fraser Coast mayor Chris Loft said the new service would open up the Fraser Coast to southern travellers and showcase the best of the region.

"We've got a great lifestyle, weather, affordable housing, Fraser Island, Great Sandy Straits...we have a lot to offer," he said.

"The southerners can come up, spend a weekend here, there's so much potential."

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