Jail time for fish and chip shop thief

A MAN who told police he was drunk when he broke into a Berserker fish and chip shop at midnight on November 19 was sentenced in Rockhampton Magistrates Court yesterday to time behind bars.

Matthew Kevin Mclarty, of Rockhampton, pleaded guilty to one count of entering a premises and committing an indictable offence and two drug-related charges after he broke into Leanne's Fish and Chips at 12.10am on November 19.

Police prosecutor Manon Barwick told the court Mclarty climbed through a rear window of the business and removed a cash register despite setting off the security alarm.

The court heard he threw the cash register out the same window he entered through and ditched it when he discovered it was empty.

Police tracked Mclarty's fingerprints and intercepted him at his home the following day.

Ms Barwick said he told police he was drunk at the time and said, "It sounds like something stupid I would do".

Police also found two grams of cannabis and two bongs fashioned from a barbecue sauce bottle and a chocolate milk bottle in his home.

"I'm really sorry about that and I was under a lot of influence at the time," Mclarty told the court.

"I have quit cannabis."

Magistrate Cameron Press sentenced Mclarty to six months in prison for the break and enter offence and one month in prison for the drug offences, to be served concurrently.

"People are entitled to run a business without someone breaking into their premises," Mr Press said.

Mclarty will be released on parole after serving two months.

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