There is an art to having a lawn like this...
There is an art to having a lawn like this... Roman Antonov

Five tips to master the art of lawnmanship

MASTERING the art of lawnmanship is not easy.

The Aussie climate can be harsh on any growing thing, and when water restrictions kick in, it's the lawn that first takes one for the team.

But there some things you can do to try keep your lawn looking lush.

Cutting: Just like the hair on your head, regular cutting of your lawn will keep it healthy and looking its best. Trimming a little more often is often better than trimming a lot, less often. Rule of thumb is to keep your grass at about 3-5cm high to allow enough root protection and to ensure it's lush underfoot.

Fertilising: Just like your flower bed or vegetable garden, your lawn needs fertiliser. Depending on the type of lawn you have, check how often that species likes to have a good feed and stick to it.

Know when to water: Train your lawn to stretch its roots deep into the soil to search for water by giving it a drenching no more than a couple of times a week (when there aren't any water restrictions). Any more and the roots will hang out at the top of the soil and fail to build a strong foundation. Also, watering first thing in the morning is the best time, when it's not too hot that it will be soaked up by the sun, and in time for the grass to use the water for photosynthesis.

Weeds: They look ugly, and they're damaging for your lawn. Control weeds early and often instead of spraying the whole lawn in weed killer.

Let it breathe: Grab your high-heels and take a stroll around the backyard every now and then. Or if heels aren't your thing, a garden fork will do the trick. An aerated lawn is much better at absorbing water than a lawn that causes run-off.


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