Suspended jail for teen

SIX FOOD court businesses were targeted by hungry thieves during a break-in at Station Square Shopping Centre in September.

One of the offenders was sentenced to a suspended jail term for the break-ins after facing the Maryborough Magistrates Court this week.

Thomas Jake Stewart was among several youths who prised open the front door of the shopping centre open at 7.20pm on September 5.

The teenagers then raided the food court, stealing money, food and drinks.

Police viewed CCTV footage from the shopping centre and several boys were charged with the break-ins.

Stewart pleaded guilty to seven charges of entering premises.

The 18-year-old had little criminal history but had racked up more than $6000 in unpaid traffic fines since January.

Magistrate John Smith told Stewart the community was sick of having property stolen by teenagers who thought they had nothing better to do.

“Some of these business owners would love to get their hands on you and inflict some personal injury on you,” Mr Smith said.

“You have a SPER history with $6697 outstanding and you haven't paid a cent or made an application to do community service as a fine option order.

“The community is sick of it and I'm sick of it.”

Stewart was sentenced to nine months' jail, wholly suspended for two years.

He was ordered to pay compensation to three of the businesses.

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