Ray Krueger during his time as the principal of Glendyne Education and Training Centre.
Ray Krueger during his time as the principal of Glendyne Education and Training Centre. File photo

Former principal apologises

FOR many in the Fraser Coast former principal of Glendyne High School, Ray Krueger, was an inspirational leader and a true champion of the community.

What many didn’t know was that he was harbouring a dark secret surrounding an incident 13 years ago involving a young girl.

Criminal charges followed after he went to the local Baptist church and admitted his actions. The final chapter in that was written last Friday when he was handed a 10-month suspended sentence in the Hervey Bay District Court for indecently dealing with a child under 16.

Before his sentencing we approached the former principal and asked if he would like to make a statement. He turned us down at that time but yesterday he wrote us a letter which he has asked us to print.

Here is his letter:

To the Fraser Coast Community,

The headlines on Saturday referred to me as a hero, sadly a fallen one. I was never a hero.

This community, the volunteers, the students and parents, the staff at Glendyne and my forgiving wife and family are the heroes.

To a community who has given hundreds of thousands of dollars, including the Chronicle’s valued contribution each year, I humbly apologise for letting you down.

It has been through your faith in us that we have seen youth who were doomed to a failed life succeeding: Beau Drake now in leadership with a local firm, Steve Brunjes an executive, other past students have now completed university studies.

What a great community and staff.

A staff who give 110 per cent, can I urge you not to stop the support for Glendyne? Dale, as he takes over as principal, needs the full support from this community.

Queensland Baptist Care has put in hundreds of thousands of dollars as they have supported this vision for the youth of Wide Bay, need special praise.

My wife and I now leave a community we have grown up in and loved.

If my conscience wasn’t so sharp, I would not be in this situation, but I am glad my conscience is like that. It is the greatest feeling to have your past dealt with and not to have to keep dwelling on it.

God has forgiven me, I ask this community to forgive me as I leave.

In one way it was the hardest and darkest time of my life, yet in another way, Glendyne and this beautiful community was the greatest experience of my life.

Maybe there are people out there who have never dealt with actions of your past and it haunts you. I would urge you to deal with your past, face it and then move on in life.

It is great to be forgiven, but it is even greater to forgive.

Thanks to the Hervey Bay Baptist Church and their support over the years.

Tears stream down my face as I write this letter.

Ray Krueger

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