Four more sleeps till time to choose federal representatives

EDITORIAL: Promises are still being made and some policy details are still missing, but with only four sleeps to go before election day, it's time for some serious thinking.

In an election with more prominent minor party activity than Australia has seen in years, your decision about who you will employ to represent your electorate - and by extrapolation who will then govern your country - is not black and white, or even blue and red.

Unlike some newspapers, the Chronicle is not going to arrogantly tell you who to vote for.

As grown-ups, you know what is important to you, and it's your right and responsibility to choose, not ours.

Over the next few days, in print and online, we will try to summarise what each candidate for Hinkler and Wide Bay stands for.

We will continue to cover the main election stories from around the nation, as the last policy information trickles out.

And we will look for some tools to help you through the giant puzzle that is this year's Senate ballot paper.

Our intention is not to influence an outcome but to offer essential information so that you can do just that.

Your right, your responsibility.

Find the latest election news here.

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