ROADSIDES are the worst places for littering across the region according to Fraser Coast Chronicle readers.

Maryborough-Hervey Bay Rd, Bingham Rd and the Bruce Hwy all attracted ire from readers after the Chronicle took to Facebook to ask the Fraser Coast where littering was the worst in the region.

Jodie Chapman reported that she picked up several bags of rubbish on the northern side of the Bruce Hwy near Tiaro.

"This could have all ended up in the stomachs of our livestock," Ms Chapman said.

Rachel Manssen was one of several readers who commented on chronic rubbish in Eli Creek.

"There is always a lot of rubbish, fishing wire, deodorant cans and my son actually picked up a syringe at the lake in Eli Waters last year," she said.

Commenters Mark Bryant and Kevin Eccles also took aim at the rubbish dumped in Eli Creek.

"Eli Creek is disgusting, the creek is full of rubbish," Mr Eccles said.

The problem is not limited to the Fraser Coast, with Queensland named one of Australia's worst states for littering.

Keep Australia Beautiful litter statistics show volunteers have picked up more than 14,000 discarded cigarette butts since April last year and more than 1700 plastic food packets.

Offenders can face a hefty fine of $220 or up to $3300 if the matter is contested in court. Littering of items such as broken glass and lit cigarettes can come with a fine of $440 or $4400 if the matter goes to court.

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