Fraser Coast ice dealer's admissions 'help police'

MAKING admissions about his drug dealing has earned an ice supplier a more lenient sentence when he appeared before Maryborough Supreme Court.

Christopher George Proud, 32, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to eight charges of supplying a dangerous drug, one count of possessing a dangerous drug, and 10 summary charges including receiving tainted property and obstructing police.

The court heard that between February and June last year, Proud was searched by police three times, and was caught with marijuana or methyl-amphetamine each time.

During a search of Proud's residence in June last year, police found a list of names and addresses, which Proud openly told them was a "tick list" of people he had sold ice to for amounts between $50 and $500.

He also told police he had, on occasion, exchanged ice for power tools.

Justice Susan Brown said these "frank admissions" had been helpful to police who were investigating his crimes.

"You brought attention to police of criminal conduct that was not known at the time," Justice Brown said.

"Those admissions ... entitle you to further leniency than a defendant who had not."

Justice Brown said Proud was still responsible for his actions, which could have a serious effect on the Maryborough community.

"Meth has been described as a scourge on the community," she said.

"It is a drug with a high social cost, particularly those around addicts, who have to pick up the pieces."

Proud was sentenced to two years and eight months for charges one to five, and two years and six months for charges six to nine.

The 10 summary charges were convicted but no punishment was ordered.

After 252 days in pre-sentence custody, Proud was released on parole on March 7; the day he was sentenced.

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