Maryborough's Alana Brown, 8, with the 107g egg Marge the hen laid.
Maryborough's Alana Brown, 8, with the 107g egg Marge the hen laid.

Giant egg tips state scales

MARGE the hen barely ruffled a feather when she laid a giant googie – but her owners certainly raised their eyebrows.

“It felt like it weighed 16 million times more than a normal egg when I picked it up,” eight-year-old Alana Brown said.

While that might be a slight egg-saggeration, it certainly is a whopper – and Alana and her mum Petricia Brown believe their cackleberry could poach the Australian record.

“We hopped online and found a few different records – one said they thought their egg was the biggest in the world at 107g, and ours is the same as that,” Mrs Brown said.

While there are unsupported claims on the internet of eggs weighing up to 280g, the official title of the world’s biggest chicken egg goes to one laid in 2009 by a chook belonging to a Chinese forestry worker. The oversized ovum tipped the scales at 201g, and measured 6.3cm wide by 9.2cm long.

A family from NSW is laying claim to the Australia record, with a 190g whopper.

But while the Browns’ egg may not have cracked the world competition, it may well be Queensland’s largest.

In January last year, a Brisbane family claimed a record egg – but theirs weighed a paltry 101g.

The Browns are keeping their fingers crossed the eight-month-old hen will give them many more treats.

“She gets a lot of scraps and she really goes for them – we call her the feathered piranha,” Mrs Brown said.