Fraser Coast residents witness ice epidemic first hand

THE Emergency Department is becoming a confronting place to visit with children among those who are witnessing 'aggressive' ice affected people. 


With an increasing number of people suffering severe ice-induced psychosis ending in a trip to the Hervey Bay Hospital emergency department, our Facebook community has shown overwhelming support for the ED staff after witnessing first hand the 'aggressive attitude' of those on drugs. 


Taleese Penna: My husband had the displeasure of seeing an Ice affected person strapped down to a gurney on Thursday night in the ED while up there with our very ill son. Two police officers in tow, quite confronting when in there with kids. Hats off to our emergency services and doctors and nurses, putting themselves in the firing line of these cases on a daily basis. This town needs a rehab centre and quickly.... Fix the drug problem, lower the crime rate and create a few jobs in the process.

Melissa Dower: I was in ED last week with my 8 year old daughter and have gained so much more respect for those amazing nurses and ambos. We experienced first hand a drug affected woman who made us all feel uncomfortable. The young ambo and her partner did so well trying to defuse the woman's aggressive attitude. my 8 year old shouldn't have to listen to a lady swearing and carrying on, actually it's not just my daughter who shouldn't have to put up with that, it's no one.

Bev Buchanan: Again we have people judging people and if your child came to you and said I smoke weed etc, would you would be willing to pull the trigger? Guns are not the answer. Children who used legalised medical weed, your willing to kill them too. What a very disheartened world, when people are so willing to kill each other.

Shaun Taylor: If society and government is serious on this issue they need to implement seriously increased penalties for anything over a gram. 20 years for dealers. If they could pass new laws regarding bikies then why not this?

Daryl Hemming: I agree, the ED staff do an amazing and often thankless job. They are dedicated people who are sometimes abused by the very people they're trying to help. This is just one reason why there needs to be harsher penalties for drug offences.

Sarah Ann: Police and clinical and community services, Wide Bay Sexual Assault Services and Head Space will be making presentations and answering questions at 12.30 Nov 5th at the Hervey Bay Community Center, all welcome.

Graeme Sullivan It's not just the Fraser Coast!

Kylie Salmon: I feel for the ED and police staff having to deal with people in this state. Hats off to them!

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ANZAC DAY: Services across the Fraser Coast

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