Fraser Coast royals fan on baby watch in London

A LIFE-long dream to visit Buckingham Palace is about to come true for one of the Fraser Coast's biggest royal fans.

Julieanne Reid will touch down in the United Kingdom on May 9 with her mother and best friend with a special package in tow.

The passionate royal watcher and her mother, Janice Reid, knitted a special cream-coloured jumper for Prince Harry and his wife Meghan's first-born.

When the royal couple visited Fraser Island in October last year, Ms Reid had the chance to meet them.

She handed them a hand-made baby play mat on Kingfisher Pier on Fraser Island - now she hopes for a reunion in London.

"I sent them a letter about six weeks ago saying we'll be over there on a certain date with the jumper and that we'd love to drop it in somewhere," Ms Reid said.

"I let them know who we were, and that we were the people they met at Fraser (Island).

"I said I hoped they were using the mat together, and we would love to catch up for a cuppa."

Among the list of historical sites on Ms Reid's bucket list is a visit to Wedgwood in Staffordshire, England.

"We're going to Wedgwood because we're hoping the get one of the first baby Sussex Wedgwood plates," she said.

Despite the Palace being tight-lipped about the baby's gender, Ms Reid has tipped it to be a girl because of the position of Meghan's bump.

"At first I thought it was going to be a boy, but... the last few photos, she's really high so I'm pretty sure it's a girl," she said.

"I'm almost tempted to say it's twins, she's so big it could be twins."

With no confirmation of the due date, Ms Reid said if the baby arrived while she was in the UK, she would "wet the baby's head" in a London pub with fellow Australians.

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